Draft KM Book Preface: Frieda Riley

I use this “Off The Clock” category for topic of personal interests, on this occasion a memoir about a teacher who gave me my first clue about thinking clearly.

I dedicated my first book, The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers, to the best teachers I had in high school, college, law school and two people I encountered later who influenced me greatly:

Frieda Riley, Big Creek High School

J.B. Shrewsbury, Concord College

Robert G. Lawson, University of Kentucky Law School

Larry McGoldrick, Capital Area P.C. Users Group Volunteer Instructor

Larry Fröhlich, Federal Reserve Board

The attached file is the preface to a book I am writing about knowledge management for law firms. It uses Freida Riley’s example to make an important point for lawyers. I’m posting it here for the benefit of friends in the BCHS 70 group. Some of them had trouble reading the PDF, so here is an MS Word version.

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