Jim Calloway’s Advice on Win XP

The ever-sensible Jim Calloway doesn’t want us to wind up with a big April Fool’s cap on our heads:

So for those of you who have used XP all these years, avoiding the pain of the Vista and the first release of Windows 8, why would I call you a fool for keeping on keeping on? Because the end of support means no security upgrades and many of us, including Microsoft, are predicting a huge malware spike in the days following April 8. It really makes sense, doesn’t it? A malware designer who has developed some atrocious thing to steal credit card numbers, hijack your computer or just make it inoperable who releases it now would likely be stymied by a patch or fix released by Microsoft the very next  “Patch Tuesday.” But after April 8, it will be clear sailing.

via Lawyers, Don’t be an April Fool for Windows XP – Jim Calloway’s Law Practice Tips Blog.

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