Off the Clock: Trump, Dingell and the Press

Nancy Pelosi’s reaction to Trump’s disrespectful comments about the late John Dingell hit exactly the right note. It was the mainstream media’s reaction that missed the mark. Once again, they let Trump play them to his advantage.

It’s not news that Trump is a jerk. The impeachment of Trump yesterday was historic news. The mainstream media let Trump distract them from what really mattered. Every minute spent talking about Trump’s crude insult of a dead man meant one less minute that should have been devoted to the real news: A President was impeached.

This is even worse because Trump’s tasteless remarks helped him with his base, who adore him precisely because they like his ability to “trigger the libs.” The mainstream media inadvertently did Trump a favor by amplifying his message.

Trump will continue to get away with murder so long as the mainstream media allow themselves let his antics distract them from what matters most.

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