What are you are trying to do with this website?

At the beach with Mardi Gras shirt & favorite running cap.

Restart the part time legal tech consulting career I had from about 1995 to 2003. I put this on hold to concentrate on my day job as a civil service lawyer.

Since I recently retired I have time to do the things I enjoy doing. Legal tech work is one of my favorites, and I believe I still have some worthwhile things to say, here and in places like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Why are you giving away so many of your ideas via presentations and this website?

As we used to say when the Internet was a lot younger, Information Wants To Be Free. This notion is idealistic, but not merely idealistic.

Maybe more important: I want to get feedback on my draft book about knowledge management for lawyers. Some of my ideas may be controversial, even “innovative,” to use the favorite buzzword of one of my friends. To refine my thinking, I want to speak before audiences who have skeptical or even hostile feelings about KM, sort of ad hoc murder boards.

This approach was invaluable in developing some controversial ideas in my first book, so now I’m looking for chances to do the same with this new project.

Why doesn’t your website have fancy graphics?

I’m a sweat equity kind of guy. Rather than hire a professional website designer, I’m doing it myself (at least so far).

Please forgive any fit and finish issues you may notice and if you see something really bad, let me know.

How can I learn more about your qualifications?

Check out my Bio.

What are your interests besides law, legal tech and knowledge management?

Lots of stuff! To name a few:

Legal Specialty: I like to keep my hand in on my pre-retirement legal specialty: Supporting the non-partisan work of Inspectors General. More here and here.

Other Websites: I’m also developing a couple of other websites:

Personal Interests: I occasionally post on topics of personal interest in the Off the Clock section of my blog. Recently this has included discussions of:

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