Lawson Bio

My LinkedIn profile outlines my professional experience and there is more detail in my resume, available on request. On a more personal note:

I wrote and spoke about technology and the practice of law from the earliest days of public Internet access. From 1995 to 2003, working mostly as a hobby, I wrote scores of articles about technology for lawyers and an ABA-published book, The Complete Internet Handbook for Lawyers (1999). I spoke at many of the country’s leading tech-for-lawyers conferences, including ABA Techshow.

Jerry Lawson at the beach with Mardi Gras shirt and favorite running cap.

Retiree Jer on beach with favorite running cap.

I put my legal tech activities on hold in 2003 to concentrate on my day job as a federal lawyer. I recently retired after 37 years of service, fondly clutching my Lawrence J. Froelhich Award (career achievement, awarded by peers in an inter-agency working group) as I headed out the door.

I am now able to address projects I put on hold while working full time as a lawyer. My most important current project is a book with the working title Knowledge Management for Lawyers: Building A Culture of Success.

As I have time, I also do some pro bono work, in the form of speaking to various groups, especially lawyers who work in my pre-retirement legal specialty area, laws related to Inspector General operations.

Since Facebook is too random for me, I occasionally talk about personal interests ranging from politics to culture in an Off the Clock post at this website.