Knowing What You Know

Jerry Lawson
Jerry Lawson

Knowing what you know is not easy. Many law firms and corporate law offices have tried implementing Knowledge Management (KM) programs, only to be disappointed by the results.

An experienced author and speaker, Jerry Lawson has new ideas on KM. His main current interest is innovative practical techniques for improving KM return on investment. He is working on a book on this topic with the working title Knowledge Management for Lawyers: Building a Culture of Success.

Mr. Lawson has some interests aside from KM.

Q & A

What is the draft book about?

The key thesis is that human factors are by far the most important determinant of KM failure or success. How do you recruit providers of information, motivate them and make their contributions available to others? Other KM writers touch on this factor. It is our primary interest. A draft version of the book’s preface is available. Other draft sections will be added over time. We will be using this site and speaking engagements to get audience feedback.

What are you selling?

We will be glad to sell you a copy of the KM book when it is published, but we don’t sell any KM hardware, software or services.

If not selling anything, what are you doing?

The initial goal is to become known as a KM thought leader (cf. Jay Harrington). We’ll see what develops subsequently.

Why are you giving away so many of your ideas via presentations and this website?

Information Wants To Be Free. This notion is idealistic, but not merely idealistic.

I noticed a few fit and finish issues on your website.

A 37 year career as a federal civil service lawyer gave me lots of chances to learn about KM, but has left my HTML skills a little rusty. Overlook the small stuff and if you see any big problems please let me know.

Why doesn’t this site have many graphics?

I remain an adherent of the sometimes forgotten maxim that Content Is King. “Planning A Law Firm Website,” Chapter 11 of a hoary Internet reference, explains why this matters.