Blogs for Lawyers

This page is our anchor for content about lawyer use of blogs. The latest updates will always be available at the blog section of our own blog (practice what you preach, right?).

Blogs were once the Internet’s most important social medium. The rise of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., has changed this, but a well-run blog remains a tremendous asset to any social media campaign.

Dennis & Tom

Among other benefits, as Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell have explained, a good blog can serve as a sort of central hub for the spokes of your social media efforts. Most social media content is ephemeral, soon to be forgotten in favor of the next Tweet or Facebook post. Your blog provides a stable anchor, under your control, that gives you a permanent, readily expandable library of content that can inform your social media efforts.

My article Blogs As A Disruptive Technology, written for the American Bar Association’s Law Practice magazine, explained some of the technical and practical reasons blogs compare favorably against conventional websites. We’ll be developing this thesis further here.