I believe in the idea Clint Eastwood’s character expressed in the movie Magnum Force (1973): “A man’s got to know his limitations.” Therefore I restrict my presentations to topics on which I consider myself to have substantial experience or knowledge. The legal tech topics are grouped into three areas: Knowledge Management for Lawyers, Lawyer Use of Social Media and Other Legal Tech Topics. legal technology for lawyers and legal issues involving the federal government:

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management for Lawyers is currently my primary focus and I am completing a book with what I believe are original ideas on this topic. For this reason I am actively seeking speaking engagements on this topic.

My first book was well received in part because it contained original ideas that I had road tested before many legal audiences. I found that I benefitted most from speaking to  audiences that had reason to be skeptical of my ideas or even hostile to them. Skeptical and hostile audiences best tended to help me develop original ideas and refine my thinking.

Legal Tech Topics

  • Lawyer use of social media
  • Legal ethics issues involving lawyer use of social media, including blogs.
  • Lawyer marketing via the Internet.
  • IT security for lawyers with limited technical expertise.
  • Presentation skills for lawyers.
  • Ways to improve firm productivity.


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