Nicholas Brothers & Doc Scantlin Orchestra

Sabrina Pacifici was kind enough to alert me to a great clip of the Nicholas Brothers dance team.

The Nicholas Brothers are also featured in one of my favorite classic movies, Sun Valley Serenade:

The full movie is available at YouTube. (Option to rent appears after trailer). The full movie also features Glenn Miller, Dorothy Dandridge and Sonya Heine, the Olympic skating champion. I saw it & the only other Glenn Miller movie, “Orchestra Wives” (also good) at the AFI theater when it was at the Kennedy Center.

Closer to home, the Doc Scantlin Orchestra tries to replicate the type of show you would see at a 1930s-40s supper club. No talents as big as the Nicholas Brothers & Cab Calloway, but they are super entertaining. I’ve seen them a couple of times & would gladly go again.

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