Triggering The Cons: Recognizing the Symptoms

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By now most people have heard of “owning the libs.” Conservatives like to say outrageous things because they believe it will “trigger” liberals, who will not respond effectively.

Are conservatives right about this? Definitely, in my experience. It all too easy to trigger liberals. However, it’s surprisingly easy to trigger many conservatives. It might even benefit the nation if more liberals understood this.

You don’t even have to try to trigger a conservative in some cases. They will often basically trigger themselves, losing it because of some comment that appears innocuous to most people.

How can you know when you have triggered a Con? Pretty easy, it’s similar to what you see when you trigger a Lib:

  • Both lose their sense of humor & and go into a lengthy rant if you try to good-naturedly joke with them.
  • Both usually fail to provide any credible support for their views. The Libs usually evade this by saying something like “You are clearly uneducated” and “Look it up in the New York Times.” The Con version is something like “You are clearly uneducated” and “Look it up on Google.” Only rarely do the Lib or the Con provide a specific link to some respected source for their assertions.
  • Both tend to make all kinds of self-important, grandiose claims. Libs say things like “Trump is the Antichrist” & Cons say things like “Libs are responsible for almost every societal woe.”
  • Both tend to resort to name calling and personal insults (“ad hominem” attacks, for those who like their Latin). Just like Libs love to call people names (with the R word being one of their favorites), the triggered Con usually resorts to name calling–especially when they sense they are losing a debate.

I enjoyed it when one recently called me a “sheeple.” What the heck is a “sheeple,” anyway?

Why is it important to be able to recognize triggered liberals or conservatives? Encouraging them to share their views with others could conceivably benefit our nation in the long run, as explained in a recent post here.

Have you seen similar examples of triggered liberals or conservatives? Please share in Comments section below.

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